Jaguars Born Free: Natural World Special

Jaguars Born Free: Natural World Special

Series 31



Three mewling, achingly cute jaguar cubs are brought into the Brazilian rescue centre run by biologists Leandro Silveira and his wife Anah after their mother is killed by cowboys protecting cattle.

It’s now up to the Silveiras to train the little ones to be toughened up to act like proper jaguars – hunting, climbing trees, fearing humans – so they can be released back into the wild. This is a bigger challenge than it sounds, and it takes time.

There’s a problem, too, in that the Silveiras and the cubs are so affectionate, always snuggling and cuddling, that separation, when it comes, is very hard for the humans. It’s a sweet film and it’s easy to see why the Silveiras can’t quite let go of their adopted “offspring”.


When three orphaned jaguar cubs are discovered in a Brazilian forest, a family decides to take the place of their mother and train them to survive in the wild. Over two years the cats must learn to climb trees, swim, and hunt for their food and if they can be successfully released, there will be new hope for this rare species. Narrated by Zoe Wanamaker.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Zoe Wanamaker
Director Rob Sullivan
Executive Producer Chris Cole
Producer Rob Sullivan
Series Editor Steve Greenwood