Death in Paradise

An Unholy Death

Series 2 - Episode 2 An Unholy Death



The island of Saint-Marie is turning into the Caribbean equivalent of Midsomer due to the remarkably high rate of suspicious deaths. More bodies pile up this week when stuffed-shirt detective Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is summoned to a convent, where a teenage nun lies dead in bed, apparently killed in an accidental fire.

It turns out Richard has issues with nuns, dating back to school when he was terrorised by one of the sisters: “Imagine Geoff Capes in a wimple,” he says to his sidekick Camille. There is an inevitable gag about The Sound of Music before the story – little more than a jolly puzzle involving holy water and a phantom nun – goes crackers.


A young nun is found dead in a smoke-filled bedroom in what seems like a terrible accident caused by a lit cigarette. But when Richard deduces it must have been murder, there are no shortage of suspects, including other nuns, a priest and the mother superior - as well as an unscrupulous PR man promoting a holy spring in the convent grounds. The question is, with the room locked from the inside, how could anyone have committed the crime in the first place? Kenneth Cranham, Patrick Baladi and Caroline Langrishe guest star.

Cast & Crew

DI Richard Poole Ben Miller
DS Camille Bordey Sara Martins
Officer Dwayne Myers Danny John-Jules
Officer Fidel Best Gary Carr
Daryl Dexter Patrick Baladi
Father John Kenneth Cranham
Sister Anne Gemma Jones
Sister Marguerite Rowena King
Laura Masters Caroline Langrishe
Catherine Elizabeth Bourgine
Therese Georgina Campbell
Director Alrick Riley
Producer Tim Key
Writer Colin Blytheway
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