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Series 1 - Episode 1 Kalahari



A young leopard dangles from a tree in an ungainly fashion,
a flock of unbearably cute baby ostriches nervously trot behind their
mother on a trip to the overcrowded waterhole, and a female rhino
that’s fed up with her suitor’s inept attempts to mate shoves him off
and lies down, feigning sleep.

This lavish film about African wildlife, presented by David Attenborough, has some delightfully humorous moments tucked in among the more
serious – and occasionally nightmarish – scenes.

There’s nothing remotely amusing about the giant armoured crickets that prey on defenceless, just-born chicks, but meerkats (here in the Kalahari Desert being outwitted by a bird) are always good value and you may smile at the two male giraffes in the Namib Desert squaring up to each other to
the strains of spaghetti western music. That is until they viciously lash one another in a sequence of ferocious fighting that takes your breath away.


David Attenborough explores the vast and diverse continent, aiming to show its landscapes and wildlife as they have never been seen before. He begins in the Kalahari desert, Africa's south-west corner, where clever meerkats are outsmarted by a wily bird's use of mimicry, a solitary rhino is seen to exhibit previously unknown sociable behaviours, terrifying insects prey on baby birds and the rarest fish in the world is filmed for the first time. In the neighbouring Namib desert, which receives almost no rain, the competition for scant resources can be fierce, as proven by a ferocious fight for supremacy between two giraffes.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Executive Producer Michael Gunton
Producer Hugh Pearson
Series Producer James Honeyborne
Documentary Nature