Neil Armstrong - First Man on the Moon

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Neil Armstrong - First Man on the Moon


For one of the most famous humans ever to have lived, surprisingly little is known about the astronaut and all-American hero. But family, friends and Nasa comrades fill in the gaps, and attach a human face to the legend. Dean Armstrong recalls an exchange with his brother prior to that historic feat – and feet – on the Moon in 1969: “I said, ‘What single thing do you have the most uncertainty about?’ and he said, ‘How deep is the dust?’”

Although the film was unfinished as Radio Times went to press, the rough cut is a riveting profile of a quiet, resourceful man who was preternaturally calm under pressure.


Close family and friends - many of whom have never spoken publicly before - tell the story of former astronaut Neil Armstrong. The film examines his childhood during the Great Depression, his transfer to America's space programme and his historic mission as commander of Apollo 11 in July 1969. There is also a look at how he coped with life after Nasa and the relentless demands of fame that continued until his death in August 2012. Including interviews with his widow Carol, his first wife Janet and their sons Rick and Mark, his siblings Dean and June and best friend Kotcho Solacoff, as well as fellow astronauts Mike Collins, Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke and Dave Scott.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Buzz Aldrin
Director Christopher Riley
Director Duncan Copp
Executive Producer Ben Bowie
Producer Christopher Riley
Producer Duncan Copp
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