I Love You've Been Framed! Gold

I Love You've Been Framed! Gold

Series 20



Who doesn’t love You’ve Been Framed? It should be on every minute of every day. In fact there should be an entire channel devoted entirely to it because the world needs more of Harry Hill’s subversive magic.

What had become a limp and creaky format is now, with Hill’s narration, a feast of surreal wit and cheerful stupidity as he rails against people with trampolines in their back gardens and drunken men falling through patio chairs at barbecues.

In this special episode children come up with their favourite Framed moments. Here’s hoping they are as fond as I am of watching mobile-phone footage of teenagers falling off skateboards.


Children from across the UK reveal their favourite You've Been Framed moments. Will their selection of camcorder calamities prove popular with viewers? As ever, high-collared comedian Harry Hill brings his own brand of surreal humour to the videos they have chosen.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Harry Hill
Executive Producer Sumi Connock
Producer Chris Thornton