World's Most Dangerous Roads


Series 3 - Episode 1 Madagascar



Celebrities undertake some of the most perilous journeys in the world. Driving up Madagascar's eastern coast at the tail end of the rainy season is enough to test the best of friendships, but comedy actor Angus Deayton and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup are game enough to take on the challenge, and good enough friends to poke fun at each other along the way. The route has numerous river crossings and the duo face a variety of broken bridges and flimsy ferries as the only way across, while the roads themselves are mired with thick mud. Progress becomes increasingly painful and they are finally forced to spend a night in the car.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Angus Deayton
Presenter Mariella Frostrup
Producer Sue Davidson
Series Director Ewen Thomson
Series Producer Ewen Thomson