Quantocking II

Series 8 - Episode 6 Quantocking II



It’s showdown time. Jez’s crush on Dobby was bound to bring him to blows with Mark. And Mark has turned into a time-bomb of control-freakery, fixated on getting Dobby to live with him, whatever the cost. It comes to a rampantly silly climax involving a “kangaroo court of love” and the world’s most joyless picnic.

First, though, Mark ventures into about the worst place he could go –
a game of five-a-side football. (“That was too hard! Someone’s going to get hurt if you kick it that hard!”) And Jez moves in to Super Hans’s flat, “the black hole of Cal-nutter”, which, in the space of a few lines, is established as one of the worst places to live imaginable. “We do peg and re-use the tea bags” is the least of it.


Dobby is offered a job in New York by ex-boyfriend Simon, but is uncertain whether to accept it. She suggests to Mark they should go for a weekend break in the country, while Jeremy decides it is time to get a few things off his chest. Comedy, starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Cast & Crew

Mark David Mitchell
Jeremy Robert Webb
Super Hans Matt King
Dobby Isy Suttie
Simon Mathew Baynton
Neil Patrick Kennedy
Trish Charlie Covell
Ticket inspector Cally Lawrence
Producer Phil Clarke
Writer Simon Blackwell
Writer Jesse Armstrong
Writer Sam Bain
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