Chairman Mark

Series 8 - Episode 5 Chairman Mark



Another comic peek at the inner lives of hopeless men. Failed-musician-turned-life-coach Jez is under the writers’ cosh this week. There’s a lovely moment when he packs up to move out of Mark’s flat and is horrified at how pathetic his worldly goods are: “How can that be all my stuff?” Mark’s sister offers a place to stay, but she turns out to be using him as a sort of childcare slave.

Mark, meanwhile, does a brilliantly over-the-top pitch to be chairperson of his residents’ committee (“A new dawn for Apollo House”), and listen out for a great dig at The Killing.


Jeremy is desperate to avoid living with Super Hans and rekindles his relationship with Mark's sister Sarah, moving in with her and her five-year-old son Joshy. In an attempt to deal with a damp patch on his bedroom wall, Mark launches a campaign to be elected chairman of Apollo House's freehold committee. Starring Robert Webb and David Mitchell.

Cast & Crew

Mark David Mitchell
Jeremy Robert Webb
Super Hans Matt King
Dobby Isy Suttie
Sarah Eliza Bennett
Gail Emily Bruni
Big Mad Andy Liam Noble
Ben Prenderghast Jonathan Aris
Mo Gatland Jiggy Bhore
Mr Franks Huw Higginson
Mr McGurnagee George Potts
Robert Grayson Dan Tetsell
Customer Tom Basden
Joshy David Evans
Director Becky Martin
Producer Phil Clarke
Writer Tom Basden
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