Mystery of the Thames-side Villa

Series 20 - Episode 8 Mystery of the Thames-side Villa



Now that a television archaeology programme has uncovered the remains of a King of England (a King of England!), digging around for odd shards of pottery may seem small potatoes. But Channel 4’s dig of the decade has certainly got people talking about archaeology again.

This week the team follow the spadework of a young PhD student who in the 1960s explored a south Oxfordshire field where a farmer
was regularly ploughing up Roman remains. The student never found enough evidence to establish what was there and why – just a mosaic and some Roman stone walls. Surely the team can do better?


The experts head to a field in south Oxfordshire where significant findings were made by an inquisitive PhD student half a century ago, including a mosaic and the stone walls of a former Roman building. Tony Robinson and the crew examine aerial pictures showing clear building lines in the ground, and speak to the current landowner, a farmer who continues to uncover bricks and tiles. They try to evaluate the building's purpose and how the Thames may have shifted the remains over the course of two millennia.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tony Robinson
Director Claire Lasko
Producer Claire Lasko
Series Director Sian Price
Series Editor Jobim Sampson