Burger Wars

Series 1 - Episode 10 Burger Wars



Jimmy Pesto threatens to take over Bob's lease so he can expand his gift shop - prompting the beleaguered burger bar owner to come up with a new recipe to attract more customers. However, when his arch-rival decides to start selling his own burgers at the pizzeria, the two restaurateurs are drawn into an increasingly bitter battle for business. Featuring the guest voices of Kevin Kline and sisters Laura and Sarah Silverman.

Cast & Crew

Bob H Jon Benjamin
Linda John Roberts
Louise Kristen Schaal
Gene Eugene Mirman
Tina Dan Mintz
Mr Fischoeder Kevin Kline
Jimmy Pesto Jay Johnston
Mort Andy Kindler
Teddy Larry Murphy
Ollie Sarah Silverman
Andy Laura Silverman
Trev David Herman
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Comedy Drama