The Pea-Green Boat

Series 1 - Episode 6 The Pea-Green Boat



When a wealthy businessman is killed in a mysterious explosion aboard his fishing boat and suspicion falls on his son, Wycliffe feels sure the real culprit is to be found elsewhere and unearths several locals with a motive for murder. Jack Shepherd stars as the Cornish copper, with Helen Masters and Jimmy Yuill.

Cast & Crew

DS Charles Wycliffe Jack Shepherd
DI Doug Kersey Jimmy Yuill
DI Lucy Lane Helen Masters
Franks Tim Wylton
DS Andy Dixon Aaron Harris
DC Potter Adam Barker
DCC Stevens Michael Attwell
Helen Wycliffe Lynn Farleigh
David Wycliffe Greg Chisholm
Ruth Wycliffe Charlie Hayes
Harry Tremaine Roy Alon
Mrs Tremaine Anne Stallybrass
Freddie Tremaine David Westhead
David Jones Brendan O'Hea
Mary Clark Jan Pearson
Bill Clark Tony Guilfoyle
Alexander Greaves Barry Jackson
Ian Greaves Paul Bettany
Ella Jones Brigit Forsyth
Garner Kevin Molloy
Forbes Emmet Bergin
Director AJ Quinn
Producer Geraint Morris
Writer Steve Trafford
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