The Birnam Wood

Series 6 - Episode 2 The Birnam Wood



The president orders a strike on the terrorist training camp as he continues to negotiate the peace settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians - but realises he and Leo will never agree on the issue. Meanwhile, Josh arrives back from his trip to Germany and expresses concern for the chief of staff's health - which turns out to be well founded. Starring Martin Sheen, with John Spencer and Bradley Whitford.

Cast & Crew

President Josiah `Jed' Bartlet Martin Sheen
Leo McGarry John Spencer
Israeli Prime Minister Eli Zahavy Armin Mueller-Stahl
Israeli Defense Minister Doran Mazar Eli Danker
Palestinian Chairman Nizar Farad Makram J Khoury
Toby Ziegler Richard Schiff
Claudia Jean `CJ' Cregg Allison Janney
Donna Moss Janel Moloney
Kate Harper Mary McCormack
Josh Lyman Bradley Whitford
Charlie Young Dule Hill
Will Bailey Joshua Malina
Debbie Fiderer Lily Tomlin
Jeff Haffley Steven Culp
Abbey Bartlet Stockard Channing
Director Alex Graves
Writer John Wells
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