A Piece of the Action

Series 2 - Episode 17 A Piece of the Action



The crew members visit the planet Sigma Iotia II to investigate the disappearance of a Federation starship, and find they have to integrate themselves into a society that mirrors the 1920s gangster era. Sci-fi adventure, starring William Shatner.

Cast & Crew

Capt James T Kirk William Shatner
Mr Spock Leonard Nimoy
Dr Leonard `Bones' McCoy DeForest Kelley
Montgomery `Scotty' Scott James Doohan
Chekov Walter Koenig
Uhura Nichelle Nichols
Sulu George Takei
Lt Hadley William Blackburn
Bela Oxmyx Anthony Caruso
Jojo Krako Victor Tayback
Kolo Lee Delano
Tepo John Harmon
Director James Komack
Writer David P Harmon
Writer Gene L Coon
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