Innocent Graves - Part One

Series 2 - Episode 5 Innocent Graves - Part One



One of the first rules of detection is not to make a promise you may not be able to keep. Yet Detective Alan Banks still guarantees the distraught father of 16-year-old Ellie Clayton that he will track down her murderer.
Ellie had been found, some time after leaving her regular theatre workshop, strangled and dumped in East Vale Valley Park. Could this ill-advised vow be the reason why the morose copper is so convinced that he’s found the killer even though DI Morten points out how woolly the evidence is? And is it wise to proceed considering how many of his cases the CPS have knocked back recently? The story concludes tomorrow.


Part one of two. Frustrated that a number of cases have been knocked back by the Crown Prosecution Service, Banks and the team are called on to investigate the murder of teenager Ellie Clayton, daughter of a high-profile internet entrepreneur. The victim's background, together with the suggestion she may have been raped, means the incident is soon the subject of much media speculation, and strong evidence implicates a theatre director who ran a drama workshop the girl attended on the night she died. The detective believes he has found his man, but Morton fears her colleague isn't seeing the bigger picture.

Cast & Crew

DCI Banks Stephen Tompkinson
DI Helen Morton Caroline Catz
DS Winsome Jackman Lorraine Burroughs
DC Ken Blackstone Jack Deam
CS McLaughlin Nick Sidi
Owen Pierce James Callis
Simon Harris Derek Riddell
Daniel Clayton Tim Dutton
Sophie Clayton Charlotte Emmerson
Defence barrister Vizard Diana Hardcastle
Tyler Judd Chris Overton
Maddy Phillips Alice Henley
Glen Painter Iain Robertson
Dr Burns Alan McKenna
Dr Glendinning Richard Cole
Becca Smith Sophie Skelton
Mrs Bentley Anita Booth
Mr Clarke Robin Bowerman
Judge Robinson Will Tacey
Lauren Harris Louise Wood
Ellie Clayton Imogen Comrie
Pierce's solicitor Martin Oldfield
Desk sergeant Simon Smithies
Director Mat King
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Executive Producer Charles Elton
Executive Producer Robert Murphy
Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Writer Andrew Payne
Writer Rob Williams
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