Operation Iceberg

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Life and Death of a 'Berg

Series 1 - Episode 2 Life and Death of a 'Berg



There’s an almost dream-like quality to this second part of the expedition. The team explores the world of a vast, flat iceberg floating off Canada. And I mean vast: it’s 40 square kilometres. There’s enough fresh water frozen within it to supply the whole of Britain for 200 days. At times, the research that the team conducts there could strike the layperson as a bit prosaic but it’s still gripping to watch, not least because the threat of an attack by polar bears hangs over proceedings. And there’s a lovely sequence where cheery medic Chris van Tulleken persuades hard-as-nails Andy Torbet to jump more or less naked into freezing water to see how their hearts cope.


Part two of two. Chris Packham, Helen Czerski, Andy Torbet, Chris van Tulleken and Doug Allan continue their adventures in the Arctic, boarding an unpredictable iceberg to determine whether the impact of waves on the ice or the warming temperature of the surrounding water causes them to decay. Andy and Doug dive into the sea, medic Chris Van Tulleken looks at the physiological reactions of the human body in extreme immersion and Chris Packham takes to the skies to conduct a census documenting just how many polar bears could be living on the berg.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Chris Packham
Contributor Helen Czerski
Contributor Andy Torbet
Contributor Chris van Tulleken
Contributor Doug Allan
Executive Producer Mark Hedgecoe
Producer Louise Ferguson
Series Producer Andrew Thompson
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