Blackadder the Third: Amy and Amiability

Blackadder the Third: Amy and Amiability

Series 3



Edmund needs to get his hands on some cash and asks the Prince Regent for a raise - only to find the brainless royal has lost all his money playing cards. To remedy the situation, the butler decides he will have to find George a bride with a large dowry and introduces him to the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. Comedy, guest starring Miranda Richardson and Warren Clarke, with Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson and Hugh Laurie.

Cast & Crew

Edmund Blackadder Rowan Atkinson
Baldrick Tony Robinson
Prince George Hugh Laurie
Mrs Miggins Helen Atkinson-Wood
Amy Hardwood Miranda Richardson
Mr Hardwood Warren Clarke
The Hon Sally Poultry Barbara Horne
Duke of Cheapside Roger Avon
Director Mandie Fletcher
Writer Richard Curtis
Writer Ben Elton
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