The Thick of It

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The Thick of It

Series 4 - Episode 7



Fallout from last week’s inquiry is inevitable, particularly when we saw Malcolm as we’ve never seen him before: hunted, on the run and lost for words. So, as the series ends, everyone at DoSac is feeling the pressure of the revelations into the Tickell debacle/tragedy.

Communications are clipped to nonexistent as the government’s problems continue. In one last desperate throw of the dice, Malcolm (Peter Capaldi) sends shiny Dan Miller on a fact-finding mission.


The Home Office has cut police numbers and created a huge backlog of paperwork, while managing to shift the blame to DoSAC for the problems. Malcolm suggests that Dan Miller is sent on a fact-finding mission to a police station as it will make the Government look unresponsive. Or does he have another motive?

Cast & Crew

Terri Coverley Joanna Scanlan
Emma Messinger Olivia Poulet
Phil Smith Will Smith
Fergus Williams Geoffrey Streatfeild
Adam Kenyon Ben Willbond
Glenn Cullen James Smith
Peter Mannion Roger Allam
Oliver Reeder Chris Addison
Dan Miller Tony Gardner
Malcolm Tucker Peter Capaldi
Sam Samantha Harrington
Stewart Pearson Vincent Franklin
Mary Drake Sylvestra Le Touzel
Nicola Murray Rebecca Front
Helen Hatley Rebecca Gethings
Declan Michael Colgan
Malcolm's solicitor Greg Fraser
Desk sergeant Colin Mace
Superintendent Adam Stevens
Prisoner Adam G Goodwin
Police officer Michael Gould
Journalist Dan Mersh
Director Tony Roche
Producer Adam Tandy
Producer Armando Iannucci
Writer Tony Roche
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