Part of a Whole

Series 9 - Episode 10 Part of a Whole



Never mind strutting about being unpleasant: Stephen Fisher (played with convincing chilliness by Tim McInnerny) should be made to join Ucos. That’ll have to wait for the next series, though, because this one finishes tonight, and someone already wants Fisher dead. In calling the team together to investigate the attempt on Fisher’s life, Strickland reveals more about the relationship between them, and the group of high-flyers who were at Sandhurst together. Since then they appear to have run the character gamut between posh and honourable and posh and dodgy.

They are all linked to the murder of a journalist who had been working on a sensitive story when he was killed in the street in front of his young daughter. It’s her discovery of new evidence that brings Ucos — rather conveniently — into the picture.


Strickland's Whitehall pal Stephen Fisher is targeted by an assassin, so the Ucos boss enlists the team to find whoever was responsible. He reveals that 30 years earlier, he and Fisher were involved in a covert MI5 operation to break into the house of a journalist believed to have information on an IRA arms deals. But with several of the original agents having died in suspicious circumstances, he believes someone is out to kill them all - and when a connection is made between a gangster and MI5, it seems the threat may be coming from within the security service itself. Tim McInnerny and Kerry Fox guest star.

Cast & Crew

Brian Lane Alun Armstrong
Sandra Pullman Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
Steve McAndrew Denis Lawson
DAC Robert Strickland Anthony Calf
Jane Ross Kerry Fox
Sarah Maitland Gabrielle Glaister
Stephen Fisher Tim McInnerny
Tinker Michael Smiley
Christopher Maitland Christopher Villiers
Ruth Bisley Jana Carpenter
Nigel Baxter David Sibley
Fisk Lonyo Engele
Carl Dillon Max Beesley Sr
Hitch Crispin Redman
Director Julian Simpson
Producer Tom Mullens
Writer Julian Simpson
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