Series 1 - Episode 1 Pilot



Those who fear that the Americans are ripping off a British success story needn’t worry: Elementary is a different beast from Sherlock. In fact, Jonny Lee Miller’s Holmes, with his addictive personality and knack for offending the public, seems more a replacement for Hugh Laurie’s House than a US TV version of Benedict Cumberbatch’s sleuth.

As with House (and Conan Doyle’s original Holmes tales), the central figure’s drug use is important to the set-up: here, he’s fresh out of rehab and in need of a warden. Enter Lucy Liu as Joan Watson, an ex-surgeon turned sobriety monitor, who forms a sparky rapport with the detective.

On the plus side, the two stars work well together, the downside being the cookie-cutter police-procedural plot they’re given to play with. There is room though for some decent Holmesian analytical flourishes, all delivered with a promisingly mad glint by Miller.


Another chance to see the pilot of the Sherlock Holmes adventure, in which the brilliant sleuth (Jonny Lee Miller) has swapped London for New York after a fall from favour with Scotland Yard. Following a stretch in rehab for drug addiction, the damaged detective is entrusted to the care of Dr Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) who becomes a valuable companion as he gets back on his feet and starts helping the NYPD investigate the city's worst atrocities. Aidan Quinn also stars.

Cast & Crew

Sherlock Holmes Jonny Lee Miller
Joan Watson Lucy Liu
Thomas `Tommy' Gregson Aidan Quinn