Battle Castle with Dan Snow

Crac des Chevaliers

Series 1 - Episode 1 Crac des Chevaliers



It’s ironic that the first castle explored in this series charting the history of siege warfare is the imposing Crac des Chevaliers in modern-day Syria. As Dan Snow clambers over the colossal limestone ramparts, it’s easy to see why this Crusader-era fortress held such sway over the landscape. This documentary was filmed before the castle was once again plunged into conflict.


Documentary exploring medieval fortifications and the sieges they resisted, re-enacting battles that changed the course of history. Dan Snow begins with the 1271 attack on the Crac des Chevaliers, a military base for the Crusaders in what is now Syria, by Baibars, Sultan of Egypt, and his massive army.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dan Snow
Director Ian Herring