Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Series 10 - Episode 11 Stranger



A teenaged girl knocks on the door of her home. She ran away four years earlier after a family argument and has been missing ever since. She’s almost unrecognisable to them – much thinner than she was, very pale and extremely disturbed – but explains that an unknown man kidnapped her, imprisoned her in a filthy concrete basement and used her as a sex slave. Yet she seems unable, or perhaps reluctant, to help the detectives
find her attacker.

Ellen Woglom gives a convincing performance as the emotionally damaged youngster – which is more than can be said for Benson and Stabler’s good cop/bad cop routine
in the interrogation room. The suspect may fall for their role play, but there’s no way you will.


The detectives investigate when a woman appears on a family's doorstep claiming to be their daughter, who went missing four years ago. She says she had been abducted and kept as a sex slave, and although some details of her story do not check out Benson is sure she has been abused, and is determined to uncover the truth of the case. Crime drama, starring Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni.

Cast & Crew

Det Elliot Stabler Christopher Meloni
Det Olivia Benson Mariska Hargitay
Capt Donald Cragen Dann Florek
Det John Munch Richard Belzer
Kim Greylek Michaela McManus
Det Odafin `Fin' Tutuola Ice-T
Dr Melinda Warner Tamara Tunie
Ryan O'Halloran Mike Doyle
Mrs Hallander Tess Harper
Nikki Natalia Payne
Heather/Kristen Ellen Woglom
Carl Peter Lewis
Erica Kate Baldwin
Father Mike Harry Danner
Director David Platt
Executive Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
Executive Producer Ann Donahue
Executive Producer Carol Mendelsohn
Executive Producer Anthony E Zuiker
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