Series 1 - Episode 2 Faces



Eccentric professor Daniel Pierce is like a younger, more cuddly version of Walter Bishop from Fringe. When stressed, Daniel air-conducts to the classical music he listens to on his Walkman (no, not an iPod), while his thought processes are acted out by imaginary friends. This makes it jolly useful for the viewer, who might not otherwise know what was happening.

This week FBI cutie Kate enlists the prof to help her explain the death of a mail-order bride whose husband has “face blindness”. Daniel is clearly sweet on Kate, so the arrival of Law & Order: UK escapee Jamie Bamber as a self-help sage and love rival warms things up nicely. Perception. Like a well-oiled, preposterous machine.


Pierce helps Moretti with the investigation into the murder of a mail-order bride, and find the prime suspect suffers from an unusual disorder that makes him unable to recognise people's faces. Crime drama, with Eric McCormack.

Cast & Crew

Daniel Pierce Eric McCormack
Kate Moretti Rachael Leigh Cook