Hit and Run

Series 2 - Episode 5 Hit and Run



Carter's wife Alison is targeted by a hit-and-run driver while performing a routine errand on his behalf. Police investigations reveal she was wearing the coat of a fellow teacher with dubious connections. Patrick Troughton and Liz Smith guest star, with John Thaw and Dennis Waterman.

Cast & Crew

Det Insp Jack Regan John Thaw
Det Sgt George Carter Dennis Waterman
Det Chief Insp Frank Haskins Garfield Morgan
Alan Fowler Gary Waldhorn
Judy Grinden Sheila Ruskin
Reg Crofts Patrick Troughton
Alison Carter Stephanie Turner
Fladge Margaret Whiting
Mr Penketh Michael Sheard
Johnny Moxom James Snell
Mrs Davies Liz Smith
Mrs Carter Katherine Parr
Director Mike Vardy
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