Series 1 - Episode 1 Pilot



At first, Daniel Pierce (Will & Grace’s Eric McCormack) appears to be a collage of TV detective quirks. He’s a college professor like Fitz on Cracker, has Inspector Morse’s love of crosswords and classical music, Monk’s poor social skills as well as Sherlock’s upturned overcoat collars. But then we get the twist: he also experiences schizophrenic hallucinations. 

Now, if you can buy into the conceit of a serious mental disorder being an invaluable aid to solving mysteries, then you’ll find this US import (first shown on Alibi) likeable enough. But I found its implausibility off-putting and perhaps even in questionable taste. But hey, at least it’s not as po-faced and grim as the BBC’s short-lived River (remember that?), which explored similar terrain.


US crime drama, starring Eric McCormack as a neuroscience professor suffering from schizophrenia who helps an FBI agent solve baffling cases, beginning with the murder of a lawyer.

Cast & Crew

Daniel Pierce Eric McCormack
Kate Moretti Rachael Leigh Cook