Strike Back: Vengeance

Strike Back: Vengeance

Series 3



Matlock and Kohl kidnap a woman and her son and Section 20 believes the mercenaries are targeting her father, a seemingly harmless schoolteacher about to touch down in Cape Town. Dalton rushes to the airport, and runs into a host of armed individuals. Meanwhile, Scott crosses paths with a former comrade who now works for Matlock, and Richmond makes a disconcerting discovery when she finds footage of Hanson causing trouble in a bar.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Michael Stonebridge Philip Winchester
Sgt Damien Scott Sullivan Stapleton
Maj Rachel Dalton Rhona Mitra
Maj Oliver Sinclair Rhashan Stone
Sgt Julia Richmond Michelle Lukes
Liam Baxter Liam Garrigan
Conrad Knox Charles Dance
Karl Matlock Vincent Regan
Jessica Kohl Natalie Becker
Craig Hanson Shane Taylor
Christy Bryant Stephanie Vogt
Markunda Laetitia Eido
El Soldat Farid Elouardi
Othmani Said Taghmaoui
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