The One with the Prom Video

Series 2 - Episode 14 The One with the Prom Video

Friday 7:30pm - 8pm Comedy Central
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Sunday, 7:30pm - 8pm Comedy Central
Monday, 3:30pm - 4pm Comedy Central
Sat 15 Aug, 3:50am - 4:15am Comedy Central


Joey gives Chandler a hideous bracelet as a sign of their friendship, while Rachel insists she has no time for Ross - until Monica's old prom video helps her see him in a different light. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer.

Cast & Crew

Rachel Green Jennifer Aniston
Monica Geller Courteney Cox
Phoebe Buffay Lisa Kudrow
Ross Geller David Schwimmer
Chandler Bing Matthew Perry
Joey Tribbiani Matt LeBlanc
Jack Geller Elliott Gould
Judy Geller Christina Pickles
Roy Gublik Michael Bower
Gail Lou Thornton
Jonathan Tim Bohn
Restaurant manager Patrick Kerr
Director James Burrows
Writer Alexa Junge
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