Series 2 - Episode 6



You can stand Colin and Lisa front of store, tell them to smile and give them straw boaters, but the result is never going to be Me and My Girl. Pretty soon they’re comparing notes on how to skive off (Lisa keeps a travel cushion in the lavatory cistern so she can go for a nap in the toilets) and the best tactics to get revenge on customers. Colin’s best tip, by the way, is to plant security tags in their trouser pockets and watch them head for the exit.

Area manager Gavin may not be impressed by the decision to put Valco’s laziest members of staff in full view of the public, but it’s an inspired move in terms of comedy value. This is the strongest episode in what’s been a consistently reliable series.


The staff are upset about Leighton's sacking, causing morale to hit an all-time low and prompting Andy to propose a strike - so Gavin comes up with a plan to put a smile back on their faces. Colin suggests he and Lisa take their relationship outside the workplace, and Katie's university pal threatens her friendship with Kieran once more.

Cast & Crew

Julie Jane Horrocks
Andy Mark Addy
Gavin Jason Watkins
Margaret Rita May
Kieran Nick Blood
Katie Chanel Cresswell
Leighton Joel Fry
Linda Faye McKeever
Sue Lorraine Cheshire
Colin Carl Rice
Lisa Beverly Rudd
Emma Catherine Tyldesley
Lorraine Stephanie Beacham
Sharon Josephine Enright
Neville Dominic Coleman
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