The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

Series 8 - Episode 16 The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

Thursday 12am - 12:30am Comedy Central
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Friday, 12pm - 12:30pm Comedy Central
Sunday, 8:35am - 9am Comedy Central


Ross has difficulty coming to terms with Joey's revelation, but eventually persuades him to tell Rachel how he feels about her, regardless of the consequences. Meanwhile, Chandler is disturbed by Phoebe's new boyfriend, who shares a number of personality traits with Monica.

Cast & Crew

Rachel Green Jennifer Aniston
Monica Geller Bing Courteney Cox
Phoebe Buffay Lisa Kudrow
Ross Geller David Schwimmer
Chandler Bing Matthew Perry
Joey Tribbiani Matt LeBlanc
Don Harry Van Gorkum
Waiter Sam Pancake
Gunther James Michael Tyler
Director Ben Weiss
Writer Andrew Reich
Writer Ted Cohen
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