An Idiot Abroad 3

An Idiot Abroad 3

Series 3



Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis are on the last leg of their buddy road trip with an itinerary set by the world’s meanest tour operator – Ricky Gervais. They’re still in Siliguri, India, where Karl insists on taking part in the conjoined Spider Sisters’ freak show – Warwick is, understandably, fuming.

Jump to China and the duo endure a hideous Yangtze river cruise, beset by smog, cymbal players and bowel complaints. At Sichuan Panda Sanctuary they lark about in panda suits, then, in Chengdu, Karl gobbles lambs’ testicles and we’re treated to a close-up of goo extracted from Warwick’s ears. Finally, in Macao, they must brave a skydive – but will they both jump? A witty, vulgar, brazenly un-PC Friday-night diversion.


Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis finally make their way to China, where highlights include a short cruise along the Yangtze, some quality time with one of the animals at the Sichuan Panda Sanctuary and Warwick's attempt to climb a mountain to see a temple. However, just when they thought their expedition was finished, Ricky Gervais extends it one step further than the original journey by Marco Polo, taking them beyond China to Macao, where a surprise awaits.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Karl Pilkington
Presenter Warwick Davis
Contributor Ricky Gervais