An Idiot Abroad 3

An Idiot Abroad 3

Series 3



Karl Pilkington has a companion in his latest series as Ricky Gervais’s dim emissary: Life’s Too Short star Warwick Davis. You will immediately feel sorry for Davis as Pilkington moans at length to Gervais about the perils of taking “a little mate” on his travels. “I’ve never seen a dwarf go around the world on any programme.”

The pair are told that they will follow Marco Polo’s route to China, but Gervais sends them down odd cultural byways. Thus Pilkington is attached to helium balloons in Macedonia after a night with Romany gypsies. It’s just something Gervais has always wanted him to do. In Venice, Davis, who is open to new experiences, takes his friend to a masque, where Pilkington sits in sullen silence before whining that gondolas are “not practical”.


Ricky Gervais sends Karl Pilkington on another world trip - and this time he has company in the shape of film and TV star Warwick Davis. The odd couple follow in the footsteps of legendary explorer Marco Polo from Italy to China, and while Karl offers his usual pearls of wisdom, Life's Too Short actor Warwick samples the foreign climes from his own unique perspective. They begin their 5,000-mile journey in Venice, where they attend a masked ball, enter the inaccurately named Pleasure Machine and test-ride a jet pack.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Karl Pilkington
Presenter Warwick Davis
Contributor Ricky Gervais