Fresh Meat

Series 2 - Episode 8



I won’t hear a word against this series of Fresh Meat. It has blended rich performances with fizzing scripts so that even the odd slow patch (that episode at JP’s country house?) has parts to treasure. It has, in short, been a blast, and it ends tonight with a suitably nuts swansong.

The house-share is splitting apart. JP is fighting to prevent it, buying giant TVs and hot tubs, but it’s a losing battle. Howard is still lovelorn over Sabine in his own strange way, and Vod is flogging literary titbits to Shales. But it’s Oregon who is in the worst mess (Dylan still doesn’t know about her and his dad), a mess that explodes brilliantly over a literary garden party.


The end of the academic year is fast approaching and the housemates face some big decisions. With her secret now out, Josie must consider her future, and Kingsley accidentally moves into a one-bedroom flat with Heather. Meanwhile, Sabine's news shocks Howard, Oregon's relationship with Dylan comes to a head and Vod resolves to turn her life around.

Cast & Crew

Vod Zawe Ashton
Howard Greg McHugh
Josie Kimberley Nixon
Oregon Charlotte Ritchie
Kingsley Joe Thomas
JP Jack Whitehall
Professor Shales Tony Gardner
Sabine Jelka Van Houten
Heather Sophie Wu
Jean Shales Sara Stewart
Dylan Ronan Raftery
Director Annie Griffin
Executive Producer Judy Counihan
Executive Producer Jesse Armstrong
Executive Producer Sam Bain
Executive Producer Phil Clarke
Executive Producer Andrew Newman
Producer Rhonda Smith
Writer Tony Roche
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