Don't Forget the Diver

Series 4 - Episode 2 Don't Forget the Diver



Walmington’s spats with the rival platoon in Eastgate are always great, pratfalling fun, and a training exercise in which Mainwaring’s marauders have to plant a bomb in a windmill is certainly played full tilt. But we open in the pub, where that tedious old walrus Captain Square – all beer and bluster – is holding court. And, in his first appearance in Dad’s Army, Robert Raglan (as a sergeant, but he’ll later become “the Colonel”) throws a priceless glance at the barman as Square bores for Britain.

Arthur Lowe trumps that look with one that was to become a trademark (glasses removed, cheeks puffed out with exasperation), after Frazer gives a typically windy speech.

It’s the story where Jones branches out, Frazer has an overinflated opinion of himself, sheep wear helmets and the Verger finds a novel use for a cemetery urn. Utterly, beautifully bonkers.


Corporal Jones finds himself cast adrift during an exercise pitting Mainwaring and his home-front heroes against their arch-rival Captain Square - but fortunately, Frazer is on hand to help out. Comedy first broadcast in 1970, starring Clive Dunn, John Le Mesurier and Arthur Lowe.

Cast & Crew

Capt Mainwaring Arthur Lowe
Sgt Wilson John Le Mesurier
Cpl Jones Clive Dunn
Pte Walker James Beck
Pte James Frazer John Laurie
Pte Charles Godfrey Arnold Ridley
Pte Frank Pike Ian Lavender
ARP Warden Bill Pertwee
Vicar Frank Williams
Capt Square Geoffrey Lumsden
Pte Sponge Colin Bean
2nd ARP Warden Don Estelle
Landlord Verne Morgan
Director Harold Snoad
Producer David Croft
Writer Jimmy Perry
Writer David Croft
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