Battle School

Series 3 - Episode 2 Battle School



Some cute rarities in tonight’s old boys’ parade, among them a train trip, the sight of Frazer knitting and the self-referential gag of the platoon whistling the show’s theme tune. But to begin with, spirits plummet after Mainwaring’s map-reading deficiencies cause the men to miss supper at a weekend camp. A surly Spanish captain (Alan Tilvern) who’s determined to catch them out just compounds the misery.

Footage from the ensuing field exercise (filmed at an actual Second World War training area in Thetford, Norfolk) will be familiar from the series’ end credits, and the episode’s broad-as-a-barn comedy is carried off with such aplomb you can’t help but smile.


The men head off for a weekend at a training camp, but arrive late and hungry after Mainwaring's map-reading skills are found to be somewhat lacking. They then have to capture an enemy's camp during an exercise, giving the captain a chance to earn back his men's respect. Comedy first broadcast in 1969, starring Arthur Lowe and John Le Mesurier.

Cast & Crew

Capt Mainwaring Arthur Lowe
Sgt Wilson John Le Mesurier
Lt Cpl Jones Clive Dunn
Pte Frazer John Laurie
Pte Walker James Beck
Pte Godfrey Arnold Ridley
Pte Pike Ian Lavender
Pte Sponge Colin Bean
Capt Rodrigues Alan Tilvern
Maj Smith Alan Haines
Producer David Croft
Writer David Croft
Writer Jimmy Perry
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