Habeas Corpse

Series 10 - Episode 19 Habeas Corpse



“Horatio? We have a situation,” whispers CSI Ryan Wolfe into his mobile. Too right it’s a situation! He’s lying next to the dead body of Assistant State Attorney Josh Avery, Samantha’s boyfriend who, we’ve recently discovered, is in the pay of Darren Vogel (Malcolm McDowell), the high-powered lawyer who’s been manipulating evidence and covering up murders in order to discredit the Miami CSIs.

The last-ever episode of CSI: Miami is satisfyingly tense yet, because the series was cancelled after it was filmed, there’s no cliffhanger of an ending. Instead we get what turns out to be a poignant farewell with the team joshing about in a bar, having a drink. Horatio gets the last word, but it’s hardly earth-shattering. “I’ll have a drink — but only if Mr Wolfe buys.”


Part two of two. In the last-ever episode of the crime drama, Horatio is forced to arrest Ryan for the murder of an assistant state attorney, but when evidence of another assailant comes to light, he suspects that lawyer Darren Vogel might have been involved. Meanwhile, Calleigh worries about being able to adopt Austin North and his sister after the agency expresses doubt over her capability, but Delko stands in and defends her. Guest starring Malcolm McDowell. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Horatio Caine David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne Emily Procter
Ryan Wolfe Jonathan Togo
Natalia Boa Vista Eva LaRue
Eric Delko Adam Rodriguez
Walter Simmons Omar Miller
Frank Tripp Rex Linn
Samantha Owens Taylor Cole
Josh Avery Ryan McPartlin
Darren Vogel Malcolm McDowell
Eddie Coster Jamie Harris
Director Sam Hill
Executive Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
Executive Producer Ann Donahue
Executive Producer Anthony E Zuiker
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