Sarah Millican: Chatterbox Live

Sarah Millican: Chatterbox Live

Series 1



In her TV appearances RT columnist Sarah Millican comes across as the risqué auntie all the kids want to sit next to at Christmas dinner. She’s a little bit naughty and a tiny bit filthy but somehow that warm Geordie accent means she doesn’t frighten the relatives.

But in her live shows Millican can afford to be that bit more shocking than TV allows. Watch the faces of a delightfully scandalised audience in Chatterbox Live, which, when it was released as a DVD set an all-time DVD sales record for a female stand-up.

Though the set is of course skewed towards women, Millican has fun saying the unsayable and shocking the men. They don’t seem to mind. So buckle up and join Millican as she extols the freedoms of living alone, her love of hamster squeezing and the breathtaking show-and-tell demanded by one of her friends.


Stand-up show recorded at London's Bloomsbury Theatre in 2011, in which the comedienne shares humorous insights into her life, including the perils of living alone, and offers advice on such topics as non-fattening stress relief, the alternative to marriage and the acceptable face of adultery.

Cast & Crew

Performer Sarah Millican
Director Brian Klein
Producer Brian Klein