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A Death in the Family

Series 9 - Episode 1 A Death in the Family



Sandra and her gang of old geezers have the run of the Natural History Museum when they re-investigate the death of a palaeontologist. What’s a palaeontologist, Gerry wants to know. He’s a man who’s responsible for a “world-class collection of fossils”, says Brian. “Just like me,” mutters Sandra. Boom boom!

New Tricks wallows in creaky old gags like this. There’s even a lame and very dubious sex joke about “illegal entry” that died of old age about 50 years ago. But there you go, if it can be exhumed and dusted off, then no ancient pun or bit of wordplay can be allowed to pass by unmolested. In the first of this new series, the last for James Bolam, the team come up against a nasty big corporation, a slippery businessman and a bored housewife who is, says Gerry – that Sir Galahad – “well up for it”.


Jack announces he is quitting the team, but before Sandra, Brian and Gerry can question his reasons, shadowy Whitehall figure Stephen Fisher arrives with one of his secret cases - the unsolved murder of a woman dating back more than 160 years. With just 24 hours to solve it, will the sleuths find time to get to the bottom of Jack's shock decision and persuade him to stick around?

Cast & Crew

Brian Lane Alun Armstrong
Jack Halford James Bolam
Sandra Pullman Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
DAC Robert Strickland Anthony Calf
Stephen Fisher Tim McInnerny
Director Julian Simpson
Producer Tom Mullens
Writer Julian Simpson
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