The Function Room

The Function Room


If any sitcom can get you to laugh out loud — properly cackle — in its pilot episode, that has to be a good sign. There were iffy spells in this script from Dan Maier, but they’re overlookable. The main thing is, it delivered great moments, courtesy of the regulars visiting the upstairs room of a local pub on the evening of a “Meet the Police” event. It doesn’t hurt that both drinkers and visitors are played by a remarkable cast.

If I tell you Simon Day from The Fast Show contributes a (very funny) cameo and Reece Shearsmith from The League of Gentlemen doesn’t appear until two-thirds of the way through, you’ll get the idea.


Police officers hold a public meeting to discuss crime in the local area. However, their plans for the event get derailed when it emerges local residents only want to talk about one thing - a notorious criminal with a highly offensive alias. Comedy set in a pub's function room, starring Kevin Eldon, Paul Ritter, Daniel Rigby, Reece Shearsmith and Blake Harrison.