Classic Casualty: Casualty @ Holby City

Classic Casualty: Casualty @ Holby City

Series 19



The casts of Casualty and Holby City unite for this action-packed two-part special which sees the emergency and surgical staff thrown together to tackle a major disaster on their doorstep. It's Boxing Day, and a busy shift takes a terrifying turn when a fuel tanker driver, desperate to reach his pregnant wife in the maternity unit, swerves to miss a pedestrian and crashes into the side of the building, smashing through into the reception area. As Medical Director, Connie is in charge, but she refuses to abandon the heart transplant patient she is operating on and leaves Harry to deal with the first casualties. To make matters worse, Jim has been suspended pending the General Medical Council's decision over his future, meaning he has to stand helplessly by while surgical staff Rosie, Mubbs, Donna and Ric team up with A&E's Josh, Luke, Tess and Bex. But just as they seem to be winning, Ric and the firefighters learn the tanker is leaking petrol into the basement which could have spread to Nightingale Wing, where Connie is still operating. A decision is made to evacuate - but then a maintenance man flicks the wrong switch. Amanda Mealing and Simon MacCorkindale star.

Cast & Crew

Harry Harper Simon MacCorkindale
Ric Griffin Hugh Quarshie
Jim Brodie Maxwell Caulfield
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Josh Griffiths Ian Bleasdale
Mubbs Hussein Ian Aspinall
Luke Warren Matthew Wait
Rosie Sattar Kim Vithana
Tess Bateman Suzanne Packer
Donna Jackson Jaye Jacobs
Bex Reynolds Sarah Manners
Frank Morgan John McArdle
Sarah Morgan Kerry Peers
Zoe Morgan Daniella Wilson
Alistair Taylor Dominic Jephcott
Bob Smith Rene Zagger
Kate Hindley Freema Agyeman
Shirley Smith Nicola Stapleton
Jason Langley John Kirk
Terry Hollingsworth Liam Noble
Steve Morton Tony Arunah Abbey
Neil Fulton David Semark
Robert Armstong Jay Simon
Chris Little Michael Brown
Phil Keith-Lee Castle
Director Michael Offer
Producer Belinda Campbell
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