24 Hours in A&E

Series 2 - Episode 13



As this compelling series continues, Tino, nine, has been found slumped at her school desk and is so disorientated she doesn’t even recognise her mother. Heartbreakingly, she just stares at her as if she were a stranger. Consultant Liz thinks it might be encephalitis but she isn’t sure so she skilfully uses Tino’s weirdly disconnected answers to help find a diagnosis.


Nine-year-old Tino is rushed into resus with memory problems after slumping over her desk at school. Consultant Liz has difficulty making a diagnosis, suspecting the girl may have a viral infection that causes a swelling of the brain. A woman with a history of anxiety attacks requires a scan after being brought in suffering from numbness down her left side, and an 11-year-old boy is treated for a broken leg after being knocked down by a car.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Tom McDonald
Executive Producer Nick Curwin
Series Producer Kirsty Cunningham