One Step Behind

Series 1 - Episode 3 One Step Behind



Three teenagers are shot dead while enjoying a picnic in a secluded wood. When a colleague of Wallander's is also murdered, he becomes convinced the two crimes are related, and sets out to catch the killer. However, the detective is faced with a lack of clues and an assassin who always seems to be one step ahead. Drama based on the best-selling books by Henning Mankell, starring Kenneth Branagh and Sarah Smart.

Cast & Crew

Kurt Wallander Kenneth Branagh
Ann-Britt Hoglund Sarah Smart
Lisa Holgersson Sadie Shimmin
Svedberg Tom Beard
Martinsson Tom Hiddleston
Nyberg Richard McCabe
Linda Wallander Jeany Spark
Louise/Ake Ben Meyjes
Astrid Hillstrom Anna Ahlerup
Martin Boge Melker Sorensen
Lena Norman Nicole Briggs
Eva Hillstrom Lorrainne Brunning
Lillemor Norman Samantha Best
Klas Boge Duncan Holmes
Svedberg's caretaker Ragnar Landerholm
Ylva Brink Sanchia McCormack
Nurse Renee Johnson
Duty officer Hakan Bengtsson
Bjorkland Steven Pacey
Isa Flora Spencer-Longhurst
Nurse Martina Wessman
Elderly man John Ringham
Doctor Anthony Hunt
Nurse Victoria Bloom
Erik Lundberg Glen Davies
Westin Bill Moody
Anna Sally Hurst
Lone Kjaer Jody Watson
Bride Karin Bregqvist
Groom Johan Svensson
Photographer Peter Briggs
Maria Emma Pike
Albinsson Jonathan Aris
Duty officer Johan Lundin
Director Philip Martin
Producer Simon Moseley
Producer Daniel Ahlqvist
Writer Richard Cottan
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