The D'oh-cial Network

Series 23 - Episode 11 The D'oh-cial Network



The kitchen sink is about the only thing missing from this episode. Surrounding a rather thin attempt to parody The Social Network is a generous amount of padding. It includes a shoehorned coda involving the Winklevoss twins rowing at the Olympics (with Armie Hammer reprising his Social Network role as both brothers) and ends with the writers waving a white flag with a “A Simpsons ‘Show’s Too Short’ Story”.

The one laugh-out-loud moment is when Grampa laments of his son: “I made an alcoholic hippo!”


Lisa comes up with a Facebook-style social network that takes Springfield by storm. But when the residents' unhealthy obsession with the addictive website threatens to cause mass hysteria, she is put on trial to explain why she created it in the first place. Adding to the fun, the Winklevoss twins turn up to compete in the 2012 Olympic rowing event - competing against Marge's chain-smoking identical sisters Patty and Selma.

Cast & Crew

Lisa Simpson Yeardley Smith
Marge/Patty/Selma Julie Kavner
Bart Simpson Nancy Cartwright
Homer Simpson Dan Castellaneta
Cameron Winklevoss/Tyler Winklevoss Armie Hammer
Comedy Drama Sitcom