Agatha Christie's Poirot

Peril at End House - Part Two

Series 2 Peril at End House - Part Two



Part two of two. The Belgian sleuth's Cornish holiday comes to a dramatic conclusion as he unravels the mystery behind the series of disastrous near-misses that placed the life of a beautiful heiress in danger, and as the truth comes to light, a secret engagement is revealed. David Suchet stars, with Philip Jackson and Hugh Fraser.

Cast & Crew

Hercule Poirot David Suchet
Chief Insp James Japp Philip Jackson
Capt Arthur Hastings Hugh Fraser
Miss Felicity Lemon Pauline Moran
Nurse Andrews Jenny Funnell
Jim Lazarus Paul Geoffrey
Wilson Geoffrey Greenhill
Charles Vyse Christopher Baines
Ellen Wilson Mary Cunningham
Maggie Buckley Elizabeth Downes
Cdr George Challenger John Harding
Mildred Croft Carol Macready
Frederica Rice Alison Sterling
Nick Buckley Polly Walker
Bert Croft Jeremy Young
Director Renny Rye
Writer Clive Exton
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