Little House on the Prairie

In the Big Inning

Series 2 - Episode 4 In the Big Inning



A talented player leaves the townsfolk convinced they will win an annual baseball game. Star pitcher Mumford appears to be an ace up Walnut Grove's sleeve, until his wife discovers the townspeople are betting heavily on the game's outcome. To put a stop to the madness, she benches him, leaving Caroline to persuade Mrs Mumford to allow him to play. The troubles of the Walnut Grove team are not over, however, between arguments of the rightful name of the team, to Sleepy Eye's Green Stockings' win-at-any-cost attitude, the battle for the game is fought in quite an unorthodox manner.

Cast & Crew

Charles Ingalls Michael Landon
Caroline Ingalls Karen Grassle
Laura Ingalls Melissa Gilbert
Mary Ingalls Melissa Sue Anderson
Nels Oleson Richard Bull
Rev Robert Alden Dabbs Greer
Jebediah Mumfort Karl Lukas
Margaret Mumfort June Dayton
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