Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson

Series 23 - Episode 10 Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson



Another great episode with a plot that doesn’t make much sense – but then we are talking about yellow people, so sense needn’t intrude too far. After a video of Homer ranting about poor airline treatment goes viral, he is offered his own political talk show (because the network needs another ill-informed gas bag), goes on to form his own grassroots movement, the Gravy Nation, and nominates Ted Nugent as the Republican presidential candidate.

The satire may not be subtle, but it is sharp and the jokes come tumbling one after another. Keep your finger hovering over the pause button to catch all the gags on the talk-show ticker tape.


An impassioned video rant by Homer becomes an internet sensation and he is given his own talk show. Before long the lovable oaf is the new voice of American politics and spokesperson for the Gravy Movement - but problems arise when he is given the task of choosing the next Republican nominee.

Cast & Crew

Homer Simpson Dan Castellaneta
Bart Simpson Nancy Cartwright
Marge Simpson Julie Kavner
Lisa Simpson Yeardley Smith
Himself Ted Nugent
Comedy Drama Sitcom