Parks and Recreation

Practice Date

Series 2 - Episode 4 Practice Date



It looks as though Leslie Knope might finally have found a boyfriend now that she’s caught the eye of a dim but nice security guard (played by stand-up and actor Louis CK). He asks her out on a date, which sends Leslie (Amy Poehler) into a panicky spiral of self-doubt. She’s so nervous she doesn’t have a clue what to wear or what to say (“What if I get drunk and talk about Darfur too much?”) and enlists her only friend Ann (Rashida Jones) on a “practice date”. What follows is a comedy tour de force from Poehler, who is so clever she just about manages to make Leslie rather endearing, instead of incredibly annoying and needy.


Leslie is overcome with nerves on the eve of her first date with Dave, so Ann offers to help refine her skills - but discovers her friend is far more romantically inept than she had anticipated. Meanwhile, a political scandal inspires the rest of the parks department to search for embarrassing secrets about one another.

Cast & Crew

Leslie Knope Amy Poehler
Ann Perkins Rashida Jones
Mark Brendanawicz Paul Schneider
Tom Haverford Aziz Ansari
Ron Swanson Nick Offerman
April Ludgate Aubrey Plaza
Andy Dwyer Chris Pratt
Dave Sanderson Louis CK
Jerry Gergich Jim O'Heir
Donna Meagle Retta
Wendy Haverford Jama Williamson
Perd Hapley Jay Jackson
Bill Dexhart Kevin Symons
Director Alex Hardcastle
Writer Harris Wittels
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