Loose Ends

Series 2 - Episode 7 Loose Ends



There are fears that the fireworks at the Opening Ceremony will trigger ground-to-air missiles in London. Perhaps, wonders a member of the heroically dim Deliverance Committee, they could be incorporated into the display, even though the weapons “can’t tell the difference between a Roman candle and a hijacked Airbus”.

There are other problems: the Games’ electric cars are under-powered, no one has thought to organise the national bell-ringing (called, with terrible, pin-brained inevitability, the Big Bong), and three of the team are fighting for the Director of Posterity job. But really, the last episode of this wonderfully silly comedy is all about the great unspoken love between Sally and Ian (Olivia Colman and Hugh Bonneville). Can they ever be together?


The Deliverance staff set about tying up loose ends as they prepare to hand over control of the Games to the Live team, but a last-minute crisis arises when the opening ceremony's firework display is found to be more dangerous than expected. Meanwhile, Ian realises he needs to decide what to do with the rest of his life. Final episode of the Olympic comedy, starring Hugh Bonneville, Olivia Colman and Jessica Hynes, with an appearance by Aled Jones.

Cast & Crew

Ian Fletcher Hugh Bonneville
Kay Hope Amelia Bullmore
Fi Healey Morven Christie
Sally Owen Olivia Colman
Nick Jowett Vincent Franklin
Siobhan Sharpe Jessica Hynes
Graham Hitchins Karl Theobald
Daniel Stroud Samuel Barnett
David Tennant
Vicky Long Catherine Shepherd
Coco Lomax Sara Pascoe
Barney Lumsden Alex Beckett
Karl Marx Joel Fry
Himself Aled Jones
Frederick Moyle Robin Hooper
Anthony Tim Steed
Christian Jebb Tom Riley
Kevin Thingie Martin Marquez
Director John Morton
Executive Producer Jon Plowman
Producer Catherine Gosling Fuller
Series Producer Paul Schlesinger
Writer John Morton
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