Before the Frost

Series 3 - Episode 3 Before the Frost



Anna Westin, a troubled childhood friend of Wallander's daughter, visits his house late at night begging for his help - but disappears soon afterwards. Meanwhile, an elderly woman's burned body is found in a shallow grave, and when the detective discovers a connection between Anna and the murder victim, he fears she could be the next target of a dangerous religious fanatic. Linda returns to Ystad to help with the investigation, and has life-changing news for her father. Guest starring Lindsay Duncan (Rome), with Kenneth Branagh and Jeany Spark.

Cast & Crew

Kurt Wallander Kenneth Branagh
Linda Wallander Jeany Spark
Monika Westin Lindsay Duncan
Anna Westin Maimie McCoy
Jannek Langas Paul Andrew Williams
Pastor Svensson Andrew Buckley
Lennart Mattson Barnaby Kay
Kristina Albinsson Rebekah Staton
Stefan Lindeman Mark Hadfield
Ann-Britt Hoglund Sarah Smart
Birgitta Medberg Cecelia Hjalmarsson
Jennie Medberg Carol Starks
Alfred Medberg Jaspar Paavolainen
Hjalmar Medberg Rasmus Paavolainen
Niklas Martinell Dermot Keaney
Lisa Pahlberg Emily Bruni
Nyberg Richard McCabe
Julia Hassleberg Lynn Farleigh
Henrik Jacobsen Jonathan Bullock
Louise Akerblom Annette Ekblom
Margaretha Harkala Lily Loveless
Jon Soderberg Mark Webb
Erik Westin David Mallison
Headmistress Holly Atkins
Ultrasound nurse Anna Hewson
Director Charles Martin
Producer Sanne Wohlenberg
Writer Peter Harness
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