Series 2 - Episode 5 Catastrophisation



The blockheads from the Olympic Deliverance Committee return for three episodes before the Games begin. As usual, Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville, who should win every comedy award going) and his quarrelsome minions are wading through a towering mess of inconsequence, PR drivel and pointless bureaucracy.

There are problems with the Olympics travel advice pack, which is too dull and needs a “brand refreshing exercise” so is renamed, with exquisite vacuousness, Way to Go. This is all down to dead-eyed halfwit Siobhan (Jessica Hynes), who seeks to “dial in visual noise”.

Then Ian has a disastrous, painfully funny meeting with a nervous and inept police chief, the head of the “catastrophisation unit”, who quite obviously has no grasp of her job or the business end of a starting pistol. A joy.


Head of deliverance Ian Fletcher chairs the final meeting of the Security Committee's Special Catastrophisation Unit. However, it emerges that someone has been caught modifying official Olympic starting pistols to fire live rounds, and with a visit by the US Security Forward Team imminent, the news must be handled delicately. Meanwhile, Kay Hope continues her quest to find a sustainable use for the stadium when the Games have finished. Spoof documentary, starring Hugh Bonneville and Amelia Bullmore. Narrated by David Tennant.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Tennant
Hugh Bonneville
Amelia Bullmore
Morven Christie
Vincent Franklin
Jessica Hynes
Karl Theobald
Samuel Barnett
Glen Davies
Robin Weaver
Christopher Fulford
Sara Pascoe
Alex Beckett
Joel Fry
Frankie McCafferty
Martin McDougall
Bentley Kalu
Jane Whittenshaw
Jamie Di Spirito
Director John Morton
Executive Producer Jon Plowman
Producer Catherine Gosling Fuller
Series Producer Paul Schlesinger
Writer John Morton
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