Slack Water

Series 1 - Episode 10 Slack Water



In an episode loaded with portent, it looks like the symbiosis between the two realities of omniscient detective Michael Britten (the solid Jason Isaacs) is set to fissure as he packs up to move to Oregon with his wife. But will the secret he discovered from their son Rex’s girlfriend change their minds?

Full of intelligence and warmth, this episode is the one that really sets the ball rolling towards the series finale.

Watch for some terrific scenes between Isaacs and Laura Innes as the scheming, venal Captain Harper — Innes subtly captures Harper’s inner turmoil at needing to be rid of her old friend.


The Brittens prepare to move to Oregon, but unexpected news gives Hannah second thoughts about going - and leaves Michael worried that she is still struggling to accept Rex's death. Meanwhile, in the other reality, Britten and Bird investigate the death of a drug dealer, but have trouble coming up with a list of potential culprits.