Series 2 - Episode 5



Leighton’s new-found drive to save the planet puts him in the mire when he switches off the freezers at the supermarket (he thinks he’s just turning off the lights) and defrosts all the frozen goods. Julie (Jane Horrocks) wants to give him another chance, Lorraine (Stephanie Beacham) wants to give him the sack. “Never let your emotions get the better of you,” she tells her deputy. The only time Lorraine ever welled up was when her dog got put down. And that was only because she had to do it herself. With a mallet.

As for poor Leighton, you might just start crying yourself when he’s given the bad news. Surely, this can’t be the end of his story? Valco just wouldn’t be the same without him.


Leighton does his bit for global warming by turning down one of the freezers, but it's one mishap too many, and far from getting behind his environmental crusade Lorraine decides to fire him. However, she refuses to do her own dirty work and instructs Julie to send him packing instead. Sue receives an unwanted surprise, while Margaret researches her family tree and discovers she might be descended from an important historical figure. Supermarket comedy, starring Jane Horrocks, Stephanie Beacham and Joel Fry.

Cast & Crew

Julie Jane Horrocks
Andy Mark Addy
Gavin Jason Watkins
Margaret Rita May
Kieran Nick Blood
Katie Chanel Cresswell
Leighton Joel Fry
Linda Faye McKeever
Sue Lorraine Cheshire
Colin Carl Rice
Lisa Beverly Rudd
Emma Catherine Tyldesley
Lorraine Stephanie Beacham
Sharon Josephine Enright
Neville Dominic Coleman
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